Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Points: 800
In App Purchases: Yes
Price: $1
Lite Version: No
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

17 Achievements

First Dash
10 pts
Play the game for the first time.
MAD Dasher
50 pts
Play 100 times.
50 pts
Collect 100 coins.
Ten "G"s 
100 pts
Collect 10,000 coins.
Go Go Gadget Arms!
10 pts
Grapple swing for the first time.
My Arms Are Tired!
50 pts
Grapple swing 1,000 times.
Go Go Gadget Umbrella!
10 pts
Use the umbrella to float over fans for the first time
Inspector Poppins
50 pts
Use the umbrella to float over dans 1,000 times
Grapple Master
50 pts
Complete 5 grapple swings in a row
Penny Pitcher
50 pts
Collect 25 coins in a row without missing any
Coin Magnet
100 pts
Collect 100 coins in a row without missing any
Two Scoops Of Points
10 pts
Get a 2X Multiplier
Take 5
10 pts
Get a 5X Multiplier
"Ten" acious
20 pts
Get a 10X Multiplier
Movin' On Up
30 pts
Get a 25X Multiplier
High Roller
100 pts
Get a 50X Multiplier
Baller Status
100 pts
Purchase something from iTunes in the Extras

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