Tank Warz: Achievement List


Posted on : 3/10/2011 | By : DJWorldXclusive | In :

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Points: 500
In App Purchases: Yes
Price: Free
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

8 Achievements

Item lover
50 pts
Buy all items
Rail Gunner
50 pts
Buy the rail gun
Top of the Line
 100 pts
Buy all main weapons, sub weapons, and frames
Super Deadly 
50 pts
Deal more than 1,000 damage with a single shot
50 pts
Put out a fire using the 'ameliorate' item
50 pts
During a single stage, recover at least 1,000 HP using either of the 'repair' items
World Savior
100 pts
Destroy 20 nuclear missiles
Efficient Killer
50 pts
Destroy 2 tanks with 1 shot

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