Helmet Hero Head Trauma: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Points: 415
In App Purchases: No
Price: $1
Lite Version: No
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

22 Achievements

Bush Whacker
5 pts
Get the Chainsaw Helmet and complete 1-2
Rock Paper Scissors
5 pts
Get the Jackhammer Helmet and complete 1-5
Honey Muncher
10 pts
Get the Spikes Helmet and complete 1-10
How's My Hair 
5 pts
Get the Blow Dryer Helmet and complete 2-1
Grave Digger
5 pts
Get the Bone Crusher Helmet and complete 2-3
Watch Your Fingers
10 pts
Get the Buzz Saw Helmet and complete 2-7
Pottery Class Is
10 pts
Get the Battering Ram Helmet and complete 2-10
King Tut Would
15 pts
Get the Wrecking Ball Helmet and complete 2-13
To Pick Or Not To Pick
10 pts
Get the Cave Pick Helmet and complete 3-2
30 pts
Get the Snow Blower Helmet and complete 3-12
Save the Trees
20 pts
Get the Wood chipper Helmet and complete 3-11
Pretty Pretty SMALL
15 pts
Get the Ice Pick Helmet and complete 3-6
March of the Wooden Soldiers
15 pts
Get the Ice Drill Helmet and complete 3-7
Forest Stroll Cleared
10 pts
Complete all stages in Forest Stroll
Desert Run Cleared
20 pts
Complete all stages in Desert Run
Ice Cave Dash Cleared
50 pts
Complete all stages in Ice Cave dash
Speed Limit Reached
5 pts
Complete Stage 1-6 to gain speed control
Drivin' Ms. Daisy
5 pts
Complete 1-7 using speed copntrol
Super Helmet Hero
10 pts
Complete stage 1-8 to unleash Super Helmet Hero and get your first 2x
Bigger Means Harder
10 pts
Complete stage 1-11 and learn how to destroy over-sized obstacles
All Green Rings
100 pts
Complete all Forest, Desert, and Ice Cave stages on Hard Difficulty
All Yellow Rings
50 pts
Complete all forest, desert, and Ice Cave stages on Normal Difficulty

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