iStunt 2 Snowboard: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Points: 600
In App Purchases: No
Price: $1
Lite Version: No
HD Version: No
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

17 Achievements

20 pt
Complete Tutorials
Insane Hills Complete
50 pt
Complete "Insane Hills" Pack
Stadium Stunts
50 pt
Complete "Stadium Stunts" Pack
After Life 
25 pt
Complete a level after falling from the board
Token Ghost
25 pt
Grab one token after death and then complete the level
Respected Stunt
20 pt
Collect all stars from one world
Super Star
40 pt
Collect all stars from two worlds
Show Off 
30 pt
Perform five different stunts in a single combo
30 pt
Complete five levels without falling once
30 pt
Play for one hour straight
40 pt
Fly for seven seconds and land with style
Crowd Pleaser
40 pt
Collect 5,000 Points with a single combo
Great Performer
60 pt
Collect 7,000 Points with a single combo
Ninja Performer
80 pt
Collect 10,000 Points with a single combo
Grabs Unlocked
20 pt
Unlock Grabs so you can perform
Stadium Stunts Complete
30 pt
Complete "Insane Hills" Pack to unlock Stadium Stunts

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doesn't upgrade my achievements in gamecenter..