Deer Hunter Challenge: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Points: 200
In App Purchases: Yes
Price: Free
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

14 Achievements

10 pts
Score your first Headshot
Precision Day
10 pts
Kill all animals with headshots during one hunting day
Clean Kills
10 pts
Complete a hunting day without wounding an animal
Only the Best 
15 pts
Bag the 3 largest animals in an area during one hunting day
Back by Lunch
10 pts
Complete the goal for one hunting day before 10AM
20 pts
Take 5,000 shots
20 pts
Bag 100 animals with rifles
Shotgun Master 
20 pts
Bag 50 animals with shotguns
20 pts
Bag 50 animals using a crossbow
Dead Eye
25 pts
Bag 25 animals at a distance of 320 yards or more
10 pts
Kill 15 animals in Quick Game mode
Rodent Master
10 pts
Complete 50 bonus Rounds
Rodent Shooter
10 pts
Shoot 1,000 rounds in a Bonus Round
Rodent threat
10 pts
Kill all 10 rodents in a single Bonus Round

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