Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★☆☆
Points: 560
In App Purchases: No
Price: $7
Lite Version: No
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: No

18 Achievements

Game Completed
60 pts
Finished the game
Heavy Handed
30 pts
Squashed the spider, now it's just yellow goo
Fire Escape
30 pts
Bravely escaped from a burning room
Borrowed Booze 
30 pts
Used guile and cunning to steal a gendarme's flask of absinthe
Dog Dunk
30 pts
Dunked a pesky dog
Sneaky Sneak
30 pts
Knocked a Pablo into the dock with a low flying barrel
Rescue Nico
30 pts
Found and rescued Nico in the warehouse 
Coyote Stone 
30 pts
Got the ancient Mayan Coyote stone from Lobineau
30 pts
Escaped from Quaramonte Jail
Medicine Man
30 pts
Used a secret root to save Nico's life
Captain Ketch
30 pts
Solved an ancient puzzle which points me to Ketch's Island
30 pts
Dodged a wild boar on Ketch Island
Going Underground
30 pts
Found my way into a disused London Underground station
Bad Timing
20 pts
Failed to sneak onto a boat, moored on the river Thames
Jaguar Stone
30 pts
Snatched the Jaguar stone from Oubier's corpse
Eagle Stone
30 pts
Found the Eagle stone in Ketch's treasure chest
Rescued George
30 pts
Rescued George from the sacrificial slab atop an ancient pyramid
Ancient Puzzle
30 pts
Solved the giant wheel puzzle in the pyramid chamber

Comments (42)

2 succes:

- At Marseille, Let Pablo kill you.
- On the boat at London, Let Karzac kill you

I Have 20 / 27.. don't know anymore :( and I do many things

3 more achievement are
1, complete the game with no hints
2, pick up a piece of coal in the watchshed and show it to the goat in quarmonte city for the marzipan!! One of the best conversations in the broken sword series
3, shwo the tequila worm to the cat in ketchs landing, cant remeber if you need to do this before or after the old ladies have gone?

Angry Spider: at the beginning of the game attack the spider 2 times and just wait :) funny death scene and an achievement

Lucky Coal: At the house of the Ketch sisters when you try to catapult Bronson's marker, do it first with your lucky piece of coal before you're doing so with the cat's ball. When you arrive at Zombie Island you'll find you're piece of coal again and an achievement. :)

Really Bad Idea: that's the easter egg involving Robert Forster from the game Beneath a Steel Sky. In the metro station try to give the piece of chocolate at the ghost, it will be shy. Then go left and you will notice an against point on the wall. Click that. Already 26 of 27 :]

Bad Timing: Let yourself be killed on the boat at London by the guard and not by Karzac .. that's all 27 I guess

The one above is a double that's already mentioned in the list. I've got 26 out of 27 ... one more to go. But what is it? :'(

Hi ! The missing one is "Black screen" (or something like that I don't what they called it in English). After everyone has left the police station in Quaramonte, examine the computer several times.

I just can't seem to get that last one with the screen. I've insoected and used the computer in the police office a dozen times before and after everyone was gone, and George just keeps on telling me what it is. Nothing special, no achievement. If anyone knows exactly what to do when, I'd really appreciate it.


finally I have 26 of 27 achievements, but I'm missing the last one. In german it's called "schluss mit lustig" which translates to "no more mr. nice guy" or "the party is over".
Can somebody give me a hint on how to get this last achievement?

Help is much appreciated.


@ Marco

I got all 27 out of 27. I do not know which is the one you are referring to. I did it in English. I will now post all my 27 achievements here in hope that you will solve yours.

1. Game Completed - Finished the Game
2. Angry Spider - Incurred deadly wrath of spider
3. Heavy Handed - Squashed the spider - now it's just yellow goo
4. Fire escape - Bravely escaped from a burning room
5. Borrowed Booze - Used guile and cunning to steal a gendarme's flask of absinthe
6. Dog Dunk - Dunked a pesky dog
7. Henchman - Brutally murdered by Pable
8. Sneaky Sneak - Knocked Pablo into the dock with a low flying barrel
9. Rescued Nico - Found and rescued Nico in the warehouse
10. Coyote Stone - Got the ancient Mayan Coyote stone from Lobineau
11. I Hate Marzipan - Met a talking goat. No, really
12. Black Screen of Death - Crashed the general's computer! Oops
13. Jailbreak - Escaped from Quaramonte Jail
14. Medicine Man - Used a secret root to save Nico's life.
15. Cat and Worm - Shown a worm to a cat - not quite sure why
16. Captain Ketch - Solved an ancient puzzle which points me to Ketch's Island
17. Lucky Coal - Found my lucky coal after firing it across sea - it is lucky!
18. Matador - Dodged a wild boar on Ketch Island
19. Going Underground - Found my way into a disused London Underground station
20. Really Bad Idea - Met Robert Foster from Beneath a Steel Sky
21. Bad Timing - Failed to sneak onto a boat, moored on the river Thames
22. Meddle No More - Got strangled by Karzac
23. Jaguar Stone - Snatched the Jaguar stone from Oubier's corpse
24. Eagle Stone - Found the Eagle stone in Ketch's treasure chest
25. Rescued George - Rescued George from the sacrificial slab atop an ancient pyramid
26. Ancient Puzzle - Solved the giant wheeler puzzle in the pyramid chamber
27. Hardcore - Finished game without using any hints

I am sorry but this is the only way I can help. Achievements 2, 7, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22 and 27 might not be accomplished if you sped through the game, so you will need to restart it to achieve those. The rest will be obtained when you finished the game. Hope that helps.

Barney Stinson

Also trying to figure out the black screen of death achievement. Please help

@Barney: 22 meddle no more! I got strangled by Karzac on the boat but the achievement didn't unlock.
Will try again this evening :)

thanks for your help!

@ Anonymous January 1 2012 8:07pm

As Mickael April 24 2011 mentioned above, Black Screen of Death is achieved when you keep clicking on the computer screen AFTER the General and Renaldo has left the police station. Even though George Stobbart keeps telling you he has no time for games, just keep checking out the computer screen.

@ Anonymous January 2 2012 1:55am

22. Meddle No More is achieved when you let Karzac strangle you to death. Just keep letting him strangle you, do not stab him with the dagger.

Barney Stinson

Strange thing is, that's what I'm doing and nothing is happening. Did each interact icon for the monitor about 20 times each. Not sure what to do

Figured it out. You can't touch the monitor at ALL until after both men leave then examine it a few times... *sigh*

Hi Barney,

Thanks for you help 27/27 :)



11. I Hate Marzipan - Met a talking goat.
Where can I find the coal to be given to the goat?

I don't know how to get the number 20-really bad idea. I don't see any ghost in the metro station and I don't have chocolat neither :(

Achievement 20:
After retrieving the penny from the coin reject slot, insert it back into the coin slot to get a bar of chocolate. As an added bonus the penny drops into the coin reject slot so you don't have to worry about not having it to use in the weighing machine.

From the vending machine, slowly walk towards the platform. A ghost appears when you reach the point shown in the graphic above. Try giving the bar of chocolate to the ghost. He won't take it, but another exit is created to the left of the sleepers.

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