Touch Tanks Europe: Achievement List


Posted on : 1/09/2011 | By : DJWorldXclusive | In :

Difficulty: ★★☆☆
Points: 750
In App Purchases: Yes
Price: Free
Online Play: Yes
Online Achievements: Yes

13 Achievements

Survivor Medal
25 pts
Survive a battle without being killed while killing at least 1.
El Alamein Desert Campaign Ribbon
25 pts
Win 5 battles on the El Alamein Map.
Hurtgen Forest Campaign Ribbon
25 pts
Win 5 battles on Forest map.
Victory Campaign Ribbon
40 pts
Win 10 battles on the each map.
Distinguished Service Medal
50 pts
Win 20 battles on any map.
Combat Action Medal
60 pts
Win 40 battles on any map.
Army Achievement Medal
70 pts
Win 60 battles on any map.
Meritorious Achievement Medal
100 pts
Win 100 battles on any map.
Distinguished Marksman Medal
40 pts
Score at least 50 kills.
Lethal Marksmanship Medal
65 pts
Score at least 100 kills.
Untouchable Medal
100 pts
Survive 5 battles without being killed while killing at least 1.
Tank Commander Medal
50 pts
Win 3 battles in a row.
Tank Conqueror Medal
100 pts
Win 10 battles in a row.

Comments (2)

this game is freaking amazing!!!!! it's free and not super hard to play!!!

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