Hotshot Pool: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★★
Points: 700
In App Purchases: No
Price: Free
Online Achievements: Yes (Facebook & Twitter)

35 Achievements

Straight Shot - Easy start. Just pot the ball (10 pts)
Super Slice - A thick slice into the middle pocket (10 pts)
Dastardly Double - Get through all the red balls (10 pts)
Perfect 10 - Can you complete the first ten levels with 3 stars (25 pts)
Two Cushion Hell - You need to go off two cushions (10 pts)
Kiss Kiss - Go off two reds to pot the ball (10 pts)
Tunnel of Love - Work out how to avoid the reds to get the black (10 pts)
Cindy Loves You - Try to complete the first 20 levels (50 pts)
Super Cindy - Get three stars on the first 20 levels (50 pts)
Soft Touch - A delicate long shot needed here (10 pts)
Long Shot - Off the side cushion and watch the pink (10 pts)
Pretty in Pink - Watch those three pink balls! (10 pts)
Angelic Angel - Can you finish the first 40 levels? (50 pts)
Angel Gabriel - Aim for perfection in the first 40 levels (50 pts)
Double Yellow - Hit both of the yellow after the black (10 pts)
Manic Minefield - Hit yellow, but avoid the pinks. Tough... (10 pts)
Pink Hair - Hit it gently top avoid the two pinks (10 pts)
Tiffany Twisted - Can you finish the first 60 levels (50 pts)
Breakfast with Tiffany - Aim for three stars in the first 60 levels (50 pts)
Double Black - Can you post two blacks with one shot? (10 pts)
Black Balls Down - Two blacks and miss the pinks. Hard! 910 pts)
Long Hotshot - It's a long double back needed here 910 pts)
Brandy Shandy - Can you really finish 80 levels? (50 pts)
Handy with Brandy - Go for three stars on the first 80 levels (50 pts)
Double off the Cushion - Can you get two tricky blacks in one? (10 pts)
Yellow Sandwich - It's a tight squeeze through there... (10 pts)
Triple Black - Three blacks in one? Surely Nit... (10 pts)
Knuckle duster - Can you find the right angle off cushion? 910 pts)
Black Ice - How do you get those two blacks in?(10 pts)
Driving Mercedes Crazy - Try and get 100 levels complete (50 pts)
Perfect 100 - Aim for 100 levels three star perfection (50 pts)
Crystal Complete - Try and complete the all Crystal levels (50 pts)
Crystal Clear! - Can you really get three stars on all Crystal levels? (50 pts)
Facebook your Score - Tell al your friends about which level you've got to (25 pts)
Tweet my Score - Share your success with your Twitter friends (25 pts)

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