Doodle Jump: Achievement List


Posted on : 12/30/2010 | By : DJWorldXclusive | In :

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Points: 210
In App Purchases: No 
Price: $1
Lite Version: No 
Online Play: No
Online Achievements: Yes (Facebook & Twitter)

14 Achievements

Twitter Connector - Tweeted Score (10 pts)
Facebook Connector - Posted score on Facebook (10 pts)
Spring Shoes Jump - Jump with spring shoes without falling (10 pts)
Serial Springer - Jump on 3 springs in a row (10 pts)
Super Serial Springer - Jump on 5 springs in a row (20 pts)
Monster Bouncer - Jump on 10 monsters in one game (10 pts)
Super Monster Bouncer - Jump on 30 monsters in one game (20 pts)
Conflict Avoider - Jump past 10 monster in one game (10 pts)
Super Conflict Avoider - Jump past 30 monsters in one game (20 pts)
Sharp Shooter - Shoot 5 monsters in a row without missing (10 pts)
Super Sharp Shooter - Shoot 10 monsters in a row without missing (20 pts)
Propellerhead - Fly 3 propellerhats in one game (20 pts)
Jetpack Flyer - Fly 3 jetpacks in one game (20 pts)
Old-fashioned Jumper - Jump past 3 jetpacks without picking them (20 pts)

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Bubble Buster: In order to clear up the area, you have to form a group of 3 bubbles (or more if you can), and knock them down.

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