Astronut: Achievement List


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Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Points: 600
In App Purchases: Yes
Price: Free
Online Play: No 

40 Achievements

Inner Ring - Completely explore all four systems of the Inner Ring 910 pts)
Vulcalis Wasteland - Explore all four systems of the Vulcalis Wastelands (10 pts)
Auroral Belt - Completely explore the mysterious systems of the Auroral Belt (15 pts)
Ice Fields of Omega - Explore the chilly solar systems of the Ice Fields of Omega 4 (15 pts)
Barbed Nebula - Survive all four systems of the deadly Barbed Nebula (25 pts)
Sector OM-G111 - Complete the hostile systems of Sector OM-G111 (25 pts)
One Small Step - Complete a hang time jump of over 300 points (10 pts)
One giant Step - Complete a massive hang time jump of over 600 points (20 pts)
Crummy Cadet - Prove your worth and score 25,000 points (5 pts)
Crazy Colonel - Up the ante and score 60,000 points (15 pts)
Awesome Admiral - Take command by scoring an amazing 125,000 points (25 pts)
Virgin Vanquisher - Kill your first enemy (5 pts)
Banzai - Destroy 10+ enemies with a single shield (15 pts)
Berserker - Kill 1,500 enemies (10 pts)
Calamari Crusader - Kill 100 Space Squid (15 pts)
Boing Buster - Kill 200 Planet Hoppers (20 pts)
Hopper popper - Kill a Planet Hopper with your shield (15 pts)
Silent But Deadly - Kill 50 Invisomebas (10 pts)
Crystal Captain - Collect all the star shards in a single sector (15 pts)
Crystal Commander - Collect 500 star shields (30 pts)
Thread the Needle - Obtain a perfect score (100%0 in a single bonus level mission (10 pts)
Eye of the Needle - Obtain a perfect score of (100%) in a single bonus level mission (25 pts)
Home Sweet Home - Explore 1000 earth-type planets (10 pts)
Some like It Hot - Explore 2,500 lava-type planets (15 pts)
Boldly Go - Explore 50,000 planets (30 pts)
Operation Pin Cu - Lure a Planet Hopper to its death on a Spikey Planet (20 pts)
Lucky Break - Finish a solar system without losing a heart piece (5 pts)
Marathon Man - Finish an entire sector without losing a heart piece (15 pts)
Untouchable - Complete all sectors without losing a heart piece (30 pts)
Astronut! - Complete the entire game without boosting (25 pts)
Shameless Plug - Tap on every game teaser shown on the about screen (10 pts)
Trench Runner - Complete a system containing force fields without touching them (15 pts)
Major Tom - Quit the game in mid-play 20 times (10 pts)
Journeyman - Explore an entire solar system landing only on earth-type planets (15 pts)

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